K Cartlidge

DotNet, Golang, Node, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP.

DotNet and DotNet Core projects.

I've developed with C# since 2001; it's my bread and butter. Most stuff is either enterprise or commercially sensitive, but I do have some open source projects.

Migratable - NuGet

Simple, efficient, and tested .Net Core database migrations supporting multiple database technologies (by simple provider plugins - currently MySQL/MariaDB only).

Luthor - NuGet

Extract structure from any text using a generic lexer.

Mob Time

A mobbing or meeting timer (also fine for Pomodoro) for the Windows desktop. There is also a direct download from the latest Release build within the repository.

Generic Markov Chains

Simple pattern 'learning' with Markov chains. After repeated 'repeatable' events, it is able to generate more of those repeatable events that follow a similar frequency pattern. Useful for things like generating English-looking random text or making the best chess move after training across chess game histories.

Interface Implementation Locator

Fetches all current-assembly implementations of a given interface dynamically without needing full-blown IOC containers.

File System Change Tracker

A polling-based alternative to the .Net framework's file watchers - this isn’t subject to the double-hit issues caused by programs like Notepad hitting a file twice (once for the content, then again for the file attributes).