K Cartlidge

DotNet/Core, Golang, Node, Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby/Rails, Python/Flask, PHP.

Software. Web development. Tech.

K Cartlidge

I'm K Cartlidge. I've been doing software and web development since the late 1980s focusing on .Net since 2001, mostly within enterprise-scale organisations.

Since around 2017 I've been using .Net Core, having passed through Go, Node, Ruby/Rails, and Python/Flask, plus PHP back in the day. I currently work professionally on .Net and .Net Core APIs whilst having spent the last few years working with Go and Elixir/Phoenix on side projects.

I've previously led agile teams of senior/mid/junior developers where I've introduced AWS (with EC2, ECS, RDS, Route 53, and more) alongside tools such as Terraform, Consul, Postgres, MySQL/MariaDB, and MongoDB.

I can be contacted on email@ followed by this domain name.