K Cartlidge

DotNet/Core, Golang, Node, Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby/Rails, Python/Flask, PHP.

Node projects

I have an account on NPM where you can see the details of all my Node modules, and from where you can link across to the GitHub source. That account is at my NPM page.

All of these modules are open source (MIT licence) and unit tested.


Generates valid EPUB 2 ebooks. It allows metadata, covers, front matter, contents pages and more. It can generate the resulting file, populate a folder with the constituent files, or provide an in-memory collection of those files for further processing.

Source - NPM

Mongoose relational example

Not specifically a project, this is more of an example repository. It shows a very simple and flexible sample Node app that uses Express with MongoDB (async/await) as it's document store. The main aim is to show a very compact pattern, including routes/handlers, seed data, webpack, and eslint, that you can base new stuff on.



This module is for JavaScript Dependency Injection. It allows for constructor injection and property injection, and it can also be used as a service locator.

Source - NPM


A much simpler module, this intercepts (wraps) calls to any function/method. It allows for parameter substitution alongside before and/or after hooks.

Source - NPM