Go/Golang projects

Fortress Go

Go is a very good choice for running a web back end or web site. However one shortfall is the lack of a standardised collection of packages for many of the essentials. What Fortress Go does is provide you with a single package which encompasses many of the things you’d get in a framework, without actually being a framework. Things such as automatic HTTPS, templating, secure cookies, CSRF, and more.

Source - currently Private

Static Sites

Serve multiple static sites from a single server. Easy and performant microsite/blog hosting. Instant HTTPS with zero config certificate fetching, caching and renewing. No installation needed.


Drawing package

This is a simple Go package for drawing on a 2D surface. It includes primitives, PNG export, and some related higher-level constructs.



An easy to use service discovery and health check tool, based upon endpoints defined in a config file.



Use go generate to automatically create Go source to recreate a folder tree of assets. This allows you to fully embed all your support files, templates, CSS or whatever within a project’s code.



An extremely easy to use configuration loader that understands sections of settings in an ini style format.



Automated inspection of a struct instance’s properties and values, returning property lists, CSV or SQL. Also serves as examples of reflection and table-driven testing.