K Cartlidge

DotNet/Core, Golang, Node, Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby/Rails, Python/Flask, PHP.

General projects

This is stuff which is not categorised under other headings. Mostly it is client-side.

Sequence Diagrams

Stand-alone page that lets you enter a sequence diagram in Mermaid syntax. There is a live diagram render, along with export as an svg or a simple (long) link.


Trelby Docker

Trelby is a Python app for screenwriting. It is mostly dormant code now and can be tricky to get running on a Mac with decent rendering. This is a Dockerfile and bash script to get everything going and expose the container's X server input/output.


DotNet Stack Trace Prettifier

Another stand-alone page. This one lets you paste in a .Net stack trace and it will do some basic prettying up.