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Babylon 5 viewing order

Babylon 5 is a classic of science fiction television, and in many ways of television as a whole. This page is here for my own reference when I re-watch it (once every few years).

The bad

Babylon 5 Viewing Order Shown in the first half of the 1990s it suffered from poor acting and slow storylines for the first season. From the second season onwards this generally picked up but, with some notable exceptions, the performances never really peaked.

The effects were, at the time, very good. When other such shows were using models, the Babylon 5 team were using early CGI. These days, however, the early seasons especially look a little embarrassing.

So, given all that, why do I call it a classic?

The good

So, why a viewing order?

Finally, the order

What I'm presenting here is an order for watching the whole of Babylon 5 series 1 to 5, the movies, and Crusade. This is based on my own opinion plus online fandom research.

In brief, it is a list of interspersed episodes, seasons, movies, and series. Use this order to get the most amount of consistency and the least amount of spoilers.

It also shows the more important episodes of season 1. You can skip the whole season if you want (catch it later), just watch the highlights, or do the whole thing. Just don't judge the rest of it by that first season. Starting at season 2 will not spoil things; in many ways season 1 exists to presage what follows in subsequent seasons. Personally I'd recommend using the list to watch the important episodes.

Click here to see the suggested Babylon 5 viewing order as an image. Right-click (or option-click) on the link to save the image or open it in a new window instead.

Start with Babylon 5

Optionally watch Crusade in this order

Then return to Babylon 5

Season 1 episodes

As said above, not all episodes are essential. Given that seasons 2 onwards are much improved, you may wish to get through season 1 with the minimal amount of viewing. Those in italics below are the ones you could skip with the least impact.

  1. Midnight on the Firing Line
  2. Soul Hunter
  3. Born to the Purple
  4. Infection
  5. The Parliament of Dreams
  6. Mind War
  7. The War Prayer
  8. And The Sky Full Of Stars
  9. Deathwalker
  10. Believers
  11. Survivors
  12. By Any Means Necessary
  13. Signs and Portents
  14. TKO
  15. Grail
  16. Eyes
  17. Legacies
  18. A Voice in the Wilderness part 1
  19. A Voice in the Wilderness part 2
  20. Babylon Squared
  21. The Quality of Mercy
  22. Chrysalis