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Favourite 8-bit games (21 to 40)

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Unlike 1-20 these are ordered alphabetically and no relative positioning should be assumed. All relate to the Amstrad CPC unless it says ZX (for the Spectrum).

  1. 3D Starstrike 3D Starstrike
  2. Auf Wiedersehen Monty Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  3. Barbarian Barbarian
  4. Batman Batman
  5. Bomb Jack Bomb Jack
  6. Chuckie Egg Chuckie Egg
  7. Commando Commando
  8. Gauntlet Gauntlet
  9. Get Dexter/Crafton & Xunk Get Dexter/Crafton & Xunk
  10. International Karate International Karate
  11. Into the Eagle's Nest Into the Eagle's Nest
  12. Kane Kane
  13. Nonterraqueous II Nonterraqueous II
  14. Rick Dangerous Rick Dangerous
  15. Tir Na Nog Tir Na Nog
  16. Ranarama Ranarama
  17. Sorcery Sorcery
  18. Starquake Starquake
  19. Underwurlde (ZX) Underwurlde
  20. Wizball Wizball