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A small redesign of the layout, the look, and the feel of this site

Why change things?

It's been a while since the last styling update and the site was starting to feel a little stale (though to be fair that might be mainly due to infrequent posting).

What's been updated?


I've switched the layout to place the menu along the left rather than across the top. Most visitors use a screen that is wider than it is long, so this gives them the maximum vertical real estate 'above the fold' for that shape profile.


Not a great deal has changed here. The left menu got a new look and the top header has a bolder feel to it.


The font previously, for most users, defaulted to Verdana. This isn't particularly an issue as Verdana reads well on-screen, but it's a little too familiar now.

I've recently discovered the font family iA Writer Duospace and use it when writing/editing. It's almost monospace, the exception being a couple of the wider letters are one-and-a-half width (eg the 'm' which is obvious if you look at the word 'comments' in the left menu).

The link above takes you to the iA Writer site and a specific page that discusses the font in great detail.

In essence, for me it gives the typewriter feel of monospace, whilst being slightly heavier letters than some and having better visual layout due to those extra-wide characters.