I’ve been maintaining this site in various forms for a few years. Posts have been infrequent (but consistently so – I’m setting no false expectations here).

I mainly discuss creative writing and software development, with the occasional review thrown in. My main influences are Noir (for example Raymond Chandler), Space Opera (such as Eric Brown or Iain M Banks), Sword and Sorcery (e.g. Conan, Black Company), Epic or High Fantasy (David Gemmell, Julian May) and Military SciFi (Sven, Gaunt, WH40K). My writing tends to be in these SciFi/Fantasy genres.

"When writing, just write."
K Cartlidge

My first own-brand full-length novel is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Those who’ve been with me for a while will note that many posts have gone. They simply were no longer relevant.