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K Cartlidge

Creative Writer and Software Developer (C#, Node, Golang)

About Me

I’m a writer. Under my own name I’ve published a collection of Haiku (ebook, print) and co-wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure style gamebook (ebook, print, mobile app version). Don’t bother looking for them; I’ve since taken them down. My new Science Ficton novel should be available before the end of the year.

I’m a software developer. For software/web I usually code in C#, C# with .Net Core, Go/Golang or Node.js, but have dabbled with Python and Ruby too. I am in the process of switching my own stuff to Go for it’s speed and ease of deployment.

Recent Reading

Book Series Author Rating
Release It! - Michael T Nygard 90%
On Writing - Stephen King 90%
Jupiter War Owner 3 Neal Asher 75%
Zero Point Owner 2 Neal Asher 80%
The Departure Owner 1 Neal Asher 80%
Clean Code Clean Coders Uncle Bob 85%
Programming in Go Developer’s Library Mark Summerfield 90%
Vampire Warlords Clockwork Vampires 3 Andy Remic 60%
Soul Stealers Clockwork Vampires 2 Andy Remic 70%
Kell’s Legend Clockwork Vampires 1 Andy Remic 55%
Worlds Away Interstellar Age 3 Valmore Daniels 70%
Music of the Spheres Interstellar Age 2 Valmore Daniels 75%
Forbidden the Stars Interstellar Age 1 Valmore Daniels 65%
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