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Web and Software Developer - Node, C#, Golang and more.


I discuss mainly Code and Creative Writing, with the occasional review thrown in for good measure. For software/web development I usually code in either C# or Node.js, but have dabbled with GoLang, Python and Ruby. In particular, I am in the process of switching some of my own stuff to Go for it’s speed and ease of deployment.

You can read my latest posts here.

What I’m Doing Now (Outside of Work)

  • Golang site generator
  • Golang EPUB ebook generator
  • Node modules
  • Gridlinked by Neal Asher
  • Imperial Stars by EE ‘Doc’ Smith
  • Node.JS Design Patterns (again) by Mario Casciaro
  • The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman
  • Coming soon - super secret science fiction novel
  • Preacher on Netflix - very good look/feel; quirky transitions
  • Lexx on DVD - good story with atrocious production quality
  • Bourne in DVD set of 4 - poor story, great action, first three far better
Recently Read
Book Series Author Rating
Programming in Go Developer’s Library Mark Summerfield 90%
Vampire Warlords Clockwork Vampires 3 Andy Remic 60%
Soul Stealers Clockwork Vampires 2 Andy Remic 70%
Kell’s Legend Clockwork Vampires 1 Andy Remic 55%
Worlds Away Interstellar Age 3 Valmore Daniels 70%
Music of the Spheres Interstellar Age 2 Valmore Daniels 75%
Forbidden the Stars Interstellar Age 1 Valmore Daniels 65%
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