K Cartlidge

Web/Software Developer and SciFi/Fantasy Author


I mainly discuss creative writing and software development, with the occasional review thrown in. My main writing influences are Noir, Space Opera, Sword and Sorcery, Epic Fantasy and Military SciFi, whilst for code I mainly use Go, C#, Ruby (not Rails) and Python, with a hint of Node.

I’ve been maintaining this site in various forms for a few years (infrequently). Those who’ve been with me for a while will note that many posts have gone as they were no longer relevant.

Here are the most recent 10 entries.

28 October 2015

There is nothing built into Go that formats numbers with thousands separators (or millions, billions and so forth). Here’s a simple function to do it.

11 September 2015

WebAPI is a very powerful and simple Microsoft framework for creating REST (or RPC-style) web services. Ideally these should be decoupled as usual with DI. Partly for my own reference, here’s how I’ve just done it in my latest C# project.

06 August 2015

I have a lot of Ebooks, mainly for Kobo but also some legacy Kindle items, and I’m fed up with paying for books that have really shoddy metadata. This is the absolute minimum that providers should be doing.

05 August 2015

As an author you can upload Word documents (or whatever) to your distributor or, in most cases, upload an EPUB file (the open industry standard) directly. Here are a few pointers on what that file contains.

11 July 2015

I thought I’d try again with Office 365, but once more I cancelled it.

07 July 2015

Sometimes full blown dependency injection is overkill. TinyIOC, Castle, AutoFac - all good, but not always necessary.

23 June 2015

Windows 8 Install fails with “A media driver your computer needs is missing. This could be a DVD, USB, or Hard Disk driver”

19 June 2015

I use all four languages (plus C# in my day job) and over the years have chopped and changed between them. I decided to pit them head to head.

18 June 2015

I’ve wanted a Pixel for a while. I’ve used Chromebooks before and fancied trying the ultimate version.

11 June 2015

Season One of a new Science Fiction series based on a post-terraformed Earth a few decades after a war caused by the arrival of a number of alien races. St Louis houses a ragtag city in a hostile world.