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I mainly write about Code and Creative Writing, with the occasional review thrown in for good measure. For development I usually code in either C# or Node.js, but have dabbled with GoLang, Python and Ruby. In particular, I am in the process of switching my own stuff to Go given it’s evident superiority over Node.

You can read my latest posts here.

Writing Influences

When it comes to writing, my main influences are:

  • General - Matthew Reilly, Clive Cussler, Dale Brown.
  • Noir - Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett.
  • SciFi - Julian May, Alastair Reynolds, EE Doc Smith, Eric Brown, William Gibson, David Brin, Peter F Hamilton, Ben Bova, Larry Niven.
  • Military SF - Dan Abnett, Sandy Mitchell, David Weber, John Ringo, Joe Scalzi, Chris Brunch, Jack Campbell.
  • Fantasy - Robert Howard, Joe Abercrombie, Ari Marmell, Brandon Sanderson, CJ Cherryh, Michael Moorcock, Ursula K LeGuin, John Norman.

There are links for many of the above on the Links page.

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