K Cartlidge

SciFi/Fantasy Author and Web/Software Developer


I mainly discuss creative writing and software development, with the occasional review thrown in. My main influences are Noir (for example Raymond Chandler), Space Opera (such as Eric Brown or Iain M Banks), Sword and Sorcery (e.g. Conan, Black Company), Epic or High Fantasy (David Gemmell, Julian May) and Military SciFi (Sven, Gaunt, WH40K). My first own-brand full-length novel is nearing completion. Further news soon.

11 July 2015
I thought I'd try again with Office 365, but once more I cancelled it.
07 July 2015
Sometimes full blown dependency injection is overkill. TinyIOC, Castle, AutoFac - all good, but not always necessary.
18 June 2015
I've wanted a Pixel for a while. I've used Chromebooks before and fancied trying the ultimate version.
11 June 2015
Season One of a new Science Fiction series based on a post-terraformed Earth a few decades after a war caused by the arrival of a number of alien races. St Louis houses a ragtag city in a hostile world.
23 June 2015
Windows 8 Install fails with "A media driver your computer needs is missing. This could be a DVD, USB, or Hard Disk driver"
06 June 2015
So you're using source control. How do you deploy to your server?
19 June 2015
I use all four languages (plus C# in my day job) and over the years have chopped and changed between them. I decided to pit them head to head.
12 March 2015
I tried Office 365. I really did. Then I cancelled it - and here is why.
06 February 2015
There seems to be a few people online struggling with this. Here's the solution.
04 February 2015
A new Windows Phone (a Lumia 735). Why?
27 January 2015
Moving to Office 365? Here's how to get your emails and data across.
22 January 2015
You're a developer. You probably use Mac, Linux or Windows. How about an editor? Maybe an IDE?
09 January 2015
Even as a small or solo developer, you should still be using version control.
30 December 2014
My MotoMaker custom Moto X has arrived - and it's brilliant.
09 December 2014
Mark Watney is stranded on Mars. He must somehow survive, communicate, and escape.

I've been maintaining this site in various forms for a few years (posts are infrequent). Those who've been with me for a while will note that many posts have gone. They were simply no longer relevant.